We audit, fix, build and teach.

We are experts in making robust, scalable, low-energy web apps using a modern tech stack.


We can audit your existing websites or web applications and provide a report outlining how good or bad it is.

The report will include details of everything we have looked at to come to our conclusions with numbers to back it up.

We can also provide a strategy on what you can do to improve things, including the relative complexity of fixing each problem

Some fixes will be relatively easy and have a big impact ("low hanging fruit") and others will be harder and have less effect.

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Following an audit we can provide engineers to fix the problems we have found.

Our engineers are highly experienced and can work with your current technical architecture and project management framework e.g. kanban or scrum

All the improvements we make can be quantified in terms of carbon reduction, so you will be able to see real figures that show the value we have added.

This can make it easier for you to justify the value of hiring us to stakeholders.

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We love auditing and improving existing apps but we are at our best when creating new apps

From simple websites to complex web apps with advanced business requirements we can design, build and manage projects to fulfil your bespoke needs.

We build applications with a much reduced carbon footprint whilst using standard technologies and practices that are typically used in larger, corporate projects.

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The more people know about this issue and how to fix it, the better

We can teach at any level and to any audience.

From an hour summary on the key issues to weeks of detailed training and guidance for engineers, we can help you to help yourself.

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